Sunday, June 28, 2009


This weekend we have entered the wonderful world of screaming, teething baby.  She's been a drool monster for weeks, but this weekend she's moved to the next stage of this process.  

Yesterday we tried and tried to get her to smile for a picture, but no such luck.  She stonewalled every attempt.  She was fussy, but it was nothing compared to the wails we encountered today...  or the beet-red gums with a white center...  

Thank goodness for teething tabs and infant tylenol.  Without those magic bullets Mommy would have pulled her hair out.  I'm so glad that we already had those in the medicine cabinet.  The Hater is finally home, and it's been so nice to hand her to him to let him do the constant walking and rocking for a little while.

She screamed bloody murder off and on throughout the church service this morning.  I hope it's not a preview for next Sunday, where her baptism is on the front of the docket.  Of course, knowing this now means we can give her some good stuff before hand to help her through.

She's had a tough day.  Almost as tough as mine.  Blessed Salvation...  it's so hard to be the baby.

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Cerulean Bill said...

I empathize with you. Of course, you know it will end, and seem trivial in the rear-view mirror. Trust me on this.

And stock up on goodies for yourself as you go through it.