Tuesday, June 16, 2009

whooooo - heifer

Yesterday evening after work I was driving home and all the sudden there was bumper-to-bumper traffic where there usually is none.  I thought there must have been a wreck, but when I moved up further in line you'll never believe what I saw...  what had stopped traffic...

A cow had gotten out of the pasture and was standing on the wrong side of the fence, on the other side of a deep ditch.   And these poor city people were stopping to gawk like a UFO had landed and an alien had stepped out and requested to meet our leader.  As if the cow would hop over the ditch five feet to the road.

I laughed hard as a police car drove onto the scene with its lights flashing.  I couldn't help but think about the dozen times that Dad had Sister and I out in the field, waving our arms to get the neighbor's cows back in the pasture.  Or how I had to do the same thing the first time I met The Hater's family.  I thought about how livestock experiences really weren't that big of a deal.

And then I decided to pull over and help fanagle the cow... and shortly after I turned on the blinker I realized I had the baby in the back seat and stopping wouldn't be the best idea.  The Dorks said that with my luck someone from the paper would stop and spin it into a story about child neglect after leaving her in the car.

So I turned off the blinker and left the situation in the hands of an officer who was really approaching the cow with one hand on his gun.  I looked into the back seat and promised the baby that we would have stopped if she was big enough to carry on my hip.  She looked into the mirror at the sound of my voice, and then I promised her that I would do what I could to provide experiences for her to not completely be raised a city girl who would rubberneck for something as silly as a cow.

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Cerulean Bill said...

We live next to a farm, formerly a dairy farm. Twice, cows have gotten into our part of the world, and twice, the farmer walked right up to this ten thousand ton animal, right the hell up to it, waving his arms -- and each time, the cow BACKED UP.

Wow, I thought. I was amazed.

Would I try it? I don't know -- can cows smell fear?