Sunday, June 14, 2009

outside the box

Does anybody else see Aunt Mary in this picture?

We had a genuine culinary adventure yesterday.  I sent The Hater on a wild goose chase at the grocery store earlier in the week to find a jicama for us to try.  

I looked up several recipes, but they all seemed to simple to be true.  I ended up peeling it, grating it and mixing in a little lime juice, cilantro and splenda.  We were really surprised how well it turned out.  I only fixed half of it - we'll end up eating the second half in a couple of days.

The Hater's grandparents are coming to town tomorrow. Or so we've been told.  We have no idea how long they'll be staying.  Then his Dad and step-Mom are coming to town at the end of the week, and they'll be here for about a week.  It's going to be busy around here.

Meanwhile, the baby is being a toot.  Her Daddy thinks she's rotten, and sometimes I have to agree... but not this time.  This time she's just tired.  (So am I.)


Anonymous said...

She's sitting down, right? That's like Aunt Mary.

*I'm going to hell*


Cerulean Bill said...

Rotten? That sweetie? Say it ain't so...