Friday, February 13, 2009

the 13th

When I was in elementary school any Friday that happened to be the 13th was a big deal.  High school, too.  Funny that I was in college before I saw the movie. 

Anyway, Fridays the 13th were scary.  Things were supposed to go wrong.  It's the capitol of bad mojo.  It's Camp Crystal Lake without the canoes and campfires.

But today wasn't that kind of day at all.  In fact, it was well after lunch before I even realized it was the 13th.  Even then, I didn't realize it myself - someone pointed it out to me.  And I thought how strange it was to blame an intangible number for circumstantial mishaps.

I left work early to do some grocery shopping so I wouldn't have to leave the house any more this weekend.  While at the grocery store I thought I'd go ahead and buy a bunch of books of the forever stamp since postage is going to go up again soon...

There was a line.  I waited in line.  After waiting about 10 minutes a lady came up behind me and asked if I was in line.  I told her I was, and she stepped in front of me.  I stood there for a minute when the guy behind me asked what happened, and I wasn't entirely sure what to say.  I mean, it's one thing to break line...  but in front of an obviously uncomfortable pregnant lady?  Give me a break.  

I blamed the 13th.  It must bring out the stupid in people.


Cerulean Bill said...

A comedian once asked why, if you were in line, you always felt better when someone else got behind you. At least I'm not the last any more!

Perhaps that person simply thought you were a placeholder -- this is where the line ends -- than an actual person. Either that, or you looked as if you were about to go into Birthing Mode, and they weren't sure what the protocol would be in that event, so wanted to just get away before it happened.

Or they were just, you know, stupid.

Arielle said...

I think you should have totally gone off on her and blamed it on hormones. That would have rocked.

I got a speeding ticket on Friday the 13th once so I try not to drive on that day if at all possible. I'm just stupid that way! :)