Sunday, February 01, 2009

big game

The Hater sweet-talked me into making Thanksgiving dinner for the Super Bowl today.  We have a turkey breast in the crock pot, cornbread dressing put together (waiting its turn to go into the oven), sweet potato baking (will mash and add marshmallows right before we serve), and green beans that won't take any time to cook.  Oh, and gravy.  The Hater is all about having gravy... whereas I could really care less if it's available or not.

So we're going to eat our big meal at lunch, then probably nap some before the game comes on.  Since none of our teams are in the running, we'll be cheering for the Cardinals.  Squirmy must be for it because this kid has been doing acrobatics all morning.

I saw the doctor last week.  He said that the baby's head is pointed down where it's supposed to be, so that's good.  That also explains why there have been so many kicks to my right ribcage. T-minus-8 weeks and counting until this kid gets here.

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Arielle said...

So exciting that its almost time! Blog a lot now cause you will be doing mostly sleeping when baby gets there! Good luck hun!