Tuesday, January 20, 2009

promise and change

This is an important day, and we're excited that Obama is officially the President.  

I called Nana this afternoon to see how she was doing, and she was so excited to tell me about watching the Inauguration activities all day long.  She told me all about being in Washington, DC, for FDR's 4th Inauguration.  She talked about how many people were there today, much more than for FDR.  She told me about how cold it was when FDR was inaugurated, too.  She said it had been so cold that they (she and 3 of her brothers) decided to watch the parade from the hotel room.  Of course that was before WWII, she said, so the parade was more of a military parade with tanks and machinery, not bands and people dancing.  

But she said in a lot of ways they were similar because FDR was elected after the Depression, and there was lots of promise for change and things getting better.  And they did get better, and many jobs were created, and it was a major turning point in American history.  I asked Nana what she thought about seeing the first black President elected, and she said she was very excited about all the hope in the air (not unlike the hope that surrounded FDR).  

Then she told me her brothers decided to talk her into staying in DC for another month to go to the President's Ball.  She stayed and told me about visiting family and seeing all of the important DC sites...  and then going to the ball.

We really didn't get into the details of the President's Ball.  She went straight into talking about how she hopes Obama will be able to fix all of the problems going on right now.  She hopes he'll be able to create jobs so people can go back to work (like FDR did), which will help the economy.  She talked about all of the good things that can happen.

I believe her.  I want them to happen, too.  And I believe it's possible.

So does Squirmy, as we've been extra active today.  We want to make sure we get a welcome-to-America letter from the White House to include in the baby book, but that part of the site hasn't been updated yet.  

Go Team.

(at the least you've got 3 generations of excitement behind you on this front)

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