Sunday, January 11, 2009


Since last summer when we realized that we were pregnant, we've been eyeing the pregnant-only parking places at the grocery store and the one place at the mall.  Even early on, when we wouldn't have parked there if we wanted to because we would have felt guilty about other people needing the places worse than us, these parking places were always full.  

As my pregnancy has progressed the idea of closer parking has really appealed to me.  This is especially true now as baby is smashing upwards on my diaphragm, making me feel short of breath to do just about anything.  I know this will just get worse until the baby drops because I'm not an idiot.  This must be the reason why they invented close pregnancy parking.

Except that they're NEVER open.

Until this morning when we decided to go to the mall after church to see the new horror flick, "The Unborn".  Granted, at 10am most of the parking lot was open...  and so was the coveted parking place.  The Hater pointed out that there was plenty of close parking, that we didn't have to park there.  But to me it was an opportunity we just couldn't pass up - after all, who knows when we'll have the chance to park there again?  Slim to none, my friend.  

So we struck while the iron was hot, and we parked in the one pregnant parking place, located nicely between a handicap place and the sheriff's parking places.  Nevermind there was an open place 10 feet further away.  This was a conquest, and we took full advantage of it.

Meanwhile, the movie was really fun.  I think the baby liked it, too, because there were lots of kicks during the scary parts.  (And I'd like to add this could possibly be the first scary movie where The Hater jumped more than I did while watching it.)  

And then we went to the grocery store and had to park out in the back 40 because those were the only choices for parking places...

This reminds me that I need to fill out the paperwork at work to see if they still have pregnancy places open in the parking lot.  The hike into the buildings from the parking lot where I park is getting longer and longer and longer.


Cerulean Bill said...

Maybe we need hang-on placards for the mirror to be used by pregnant women the way we have hang-on placards for handicaps?

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen when the countdown clock reaches zero??

Other than great celebration, I mean.