Saturday, January 10, 2009

my Titans and Squirmy

I'm a little bit miffed that most of the sports announcers are not supporting my Titans to beat the Ravens this afternoon.  They're just not thinking straight...  that must be it.

Squirmy, who has yet to have an official name, is still perking along.  The kicks have gotten much stronger, and this baby seems intent on only beating on my lowest right rib... over and over.  The Hater has conceeded that we can have a few names to pick from when baby makes their entrance instead of picking one name for when they come.  So it'll be "Baby Vol" for a while until we look at it and decide which is the best fit.

It wouldn't seem right if I didn't at least mention the outcome of the Orange Bowl.  I was tickled with Florida's victory, and The Hater said he was secretly looking forward to going back to work to hear sad OU fans in mourning.  I was really good at work yesterday - only laughing out loud once with a LSU fan who was also pulling for an SEC victory.  Although I'd be lying if I said that the tired, forlorn look on most of my coworkers faces did bring a little extra joy to my heart.  Squirmy liked it, too, because that was a great reason to attack my ribcage.

Speaking of bruised ribs, I finished the Twilight series last week.  To be more specific, I read it all in just less than a week.  Sister talked me into bringing them back with me when we were home for Xmas, and I'm glad that I did.  The books were not very well written, but the story was fun.  It was an easy read, and I'd recommend them to anyone who can suspend reality to enjoy a story about vampires.  

Yesterday the high in OKC was 75 degrees...  during the night it dropped below freezing, and they say today's high will be in the 50s.  This is the best recipe for another head cold for me, which tickles me snotty.  It's come just in time because I'm almost over the last head cold that hit me right before Xmas.  I will not miss pregnancy congestion.

We'll be cheering for our Titans today...  complete with wardrobe.  Go team...  show all those announcers why they're wrong.


Anonymous said...


You can pull for the Panthers now...


Anonymous said...

1alpha said:

"You can pull for the Panthers now...

Maybe not. :/


genderist said...

Not only did my Peyton lose, and then my Titans -- we decided we'd cheer for Eli, but the Giants lost today, too.

Talk about a downer... The Hater says we've not declared who we're going to be for now. We'll most likely cheer for the Cardinals since they're the underdog.