Friday, August 24, 2007

this day in history

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a big day in history. This post is about a Republican, AND there will be no finger pointing or name calling. Fred Thompson is a good 'ole boy from LBG, and he's bringing the press home.

In an article run on August 20th in the Los Angelas Times, whispers are getting louder about Fred running for Republican nomination for President in 2008. Talk about small town boy makin' it big in the city...

But Fred isn't exactly "small town"... He may have graduated with people in my family at the same high school where I later graduated, but he's been around. He's not called LBG home since the 60s.

That sure doesn't keep us from calling him one of our own. Every time I see him acting I tell The Hater, "That's Fred. He's from LBG. We met once; I know him." In his famous Acting Career you'll see that he was even nominated for "Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series" for the Screen Actors Guild Awards. As an aside, Fred pales in comparison to the 4 awards won by Ronald Regan , including a Golden Boot, Golden Globe, a star on the walk of fame, and the Razzie "Worst Career Achievement Award".

It's really going to gag my parents when I call them this weekend and ask them to pick me up some of the "Ready for Freddie" paraphernalia on the square. But come on, we met once; I know him!

I have no idea if Fred will declare, what his platform will be, or what his chances are of getting the Republican nomination for President. I can't say that I'll carry his flag - because I'll end up pointing out the idiocy of whoever is elected. But I am hopeful:

* that he'll make an effort to get some much needed press and people to LBG-- at least that he'll do a better job doing this than when he was Senator

* that anything would be better than status quo

* that despite all of the political mumbo-jumbo, people who run for President really want to do the right thing to bring peace to the world

* that there is an element of magic to the rigamaroll that I don't always understand (see post titled "green shag carpet")

Fred, party affiliation aside, I'm tickled pink that you're considering taking on such a massive, important responsibility. Remember your humble beginnings, values and moral obligations that I know you learned while growing up in small town Lawrenceburg. Please make us proud to say that we know you.

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genderist said...

Apparently nobody else I know is as impressed by this as I am. Dad told me I'd be grossed out within two minutes of hearing what Fred has to say. The Hater says that under no circumstances will he vote for Fred (and then went on about Iraq-type policies and such).

Who said anything about voting?

Am I really the only person who can suspend reality just long enough to say, hey, I know that guy! No?

This *supremely* amuses me, especially coming from the two gentlemen named above. They're the ones who get tense when I make fun of movie plots... in those situations it's them asking me to suspend reality long enough to enjoy the story.

Have I gone to the dark side? Hell no.

I only wanted to suspend reality for one minute to enjoy the plot, no matter how ridiculous or sound it might be.

Carry on.

Mommavia said...

I think it's pretty darn cool that you know Fred! From what I've seen on Law and Order, he's a pretty good guy...that counts, right?

All I want to know about Fred is:
1. Will he keep my husband safe with the proper equipment and body armor?
2. Will he actually make a reasonable and executable plan about this war?
3. Will he budget for pay increases so that our military will be receiving comparable pay as their civilian counterparts?
4. Will he help fight cancer and find a cure?

If so, then he has my vote!

Vol Abroad said...

Yeah...politically I'm not a big fan of Fred - and when he was a Senator he didn't manage to throw any pork on the LBG bbq, but AT LEAST now when people have heard of Fred - we'll be able to make the home town connection.

bill said...

I think it's cool that you know him.

I understand that people still ask Neil Armstrong to say what he said (or tried to say) upon stepping onto the Moon. And people ask Sean Connery to say the 'Bond...James Bond' line. If I met Fred, I'd ask him to say that line from Red October about Russians and plans. I loved that line.

And I liked what Mommavia had to say.

But -- LBG?

Anonymous said...

Fred won't do squat for LBG - and he shouldn't; that is unless LBG is willing to help themselves first. Enough, enough, already.. (sometimes I hate myself when I do that!!) When Fred does announce it should be fun to watch the locals scurrying about.....
Obmij - Out..!!

Anonymous said...

I'd be surprised if he announces there. Nashville would be more likely. I've heard that he doesn't want to "ruin" LBG with all the media attention.

One Alpha

Vol Abroad said...

Ha, ha. Ruin LBG. Mmmm - yeah, publicity would just expose that little piece of heaven on the Alabama border - and then people might - you know eegads visit (briefly) or spend money and just plum ruin everything.