Friday, August 03, 2007

prolific begging

Last night I stayed up far too late, but it was with the best of intentions, so I’m hoping that my body will forgive me today. I am so excited this morning I can hardly stand it! If you can keep a secret, I’ll tell you why. If you can’t keep a secret, shame on you.

Sister had disposable cameras on the tables at her wedding. All I’ve heard about the pictures is that “they’re just awful” and other such disappointing comments. I had instructed them to also get the picture CD to mail to me in addition to the prints they ordered.

The CDs arrived in the mail yesterday. Many of them were fuzzy and half of them were just bad pictures… but the program on our fabulous Mac let me enhance them and fix the color on many of the washed-out ones, on top of removing red eyes and the other typical photoshop tricks. They’re no longer “just awful”. If I go through and crop some of them, nobody will be able to tell that they started off caddy-wompus. We’ll declare art nouveau on the pictures where people aren’t looking at the camera. It’ll be fine. I was able to keep about 95 pictures off of 12 rolls that were previously declared bad.

And then I realized that I was already up late, and I’d already feel bad because of it, so I might as well go ahead and upload the 100+ pictures from our digital camera into the computer, too.

And what, pray tell, will we do with all of these pictures? Fantastic question!

At the beginning of the year Vol Abroad suggested I compile a photo book with pictures from Sister’s wedding. She’s had great results with the books she’s done with this company, so we had toyed with the idea of making one, too. It was going to depend on the volume and quality of pictures we had to work with, which now is starting to look promising.

After Sister’s wedding I asked everyone who had digital cameras to email me their pictures. I told them about this project that I was hoping to complete for Christmas. Actually, I was somewhat worried that I would not have enough storage in my email for all of these pictures, but that wasn’t a problem because NOBODY has emailed me anything yet. Not even Memphis.


To make everything seem even more important, Sister has still not received any of the shots that THE PHOTOGRAPHER took at her wedding. That’s been another can of worms, she says. Before the wedding, the photographer told her it would be two weeks before she would have the proofs. Sister said that would be okay. Three weeks after the wedding, Sister called the photographer to ask about their status. Sister reports that the photographer was snitty and said she would call when they were ready. When Sister reminded her that they were supposed to be done the week before, the photographer became more agitated and told her it would be at least two more weeks. That would be this week, as in today, two weeks later. Sister is afraid that her photographer has pooped out, and for now the only pictures she has from her wedding are snapshots that her friends took during the ceremony and the “just awful” pictures from the disposable cameras.

I asked for permission to call the photographer to talk about breaches of contract, and Sister told me it wasn’t time for that yet. She just wants the pictures from her wedding, and I don’t blame her. That’s worse than poor.

It’s her wedding, for goodness sake.

The Hater says that we’re supposed to get the internet next week. When that happens and I’m able to start this project, I will be making many pleading phone calls. If you do not want to hear me beg, PLEASE go ahead and email me those pictures.

Pretty please with powdered sugar and Neyland Stadium on top.


arielle said...

Hey I am a scrapbooker and I can't count the many fabulous things I could do with wedding pictures for the right price. ;)

My friend got her wedding pictures put into this hardbound book that had a metallic look to it and it was just beautiful. I can get the name of that company for you if you would like.

arielle said...

Oh, and my sister just had a photographer who is a friend of hers on her wedding on 7/7/07 and her "friend" moved to South Dakota and hasn't mailed her her disc yet either. Bad photographer bug going around.

My wedding photographer was also a friend of mine and she sent me a disc with medium sized pic files on it and so I couldn't print bigger than a 5x7 with them. Sucky.

Sorry for the 2 comments! :P

Mommavia said...

Our disposables turned out great for the most part! I was very glad we had them, we got pix of a lot of people who we normally wouldn't have. And I was able to make another wedding album out of them and others from people's "real" cameras. Nothing better than having 2 books of pix to look at!

Tell that photographer to get his act together...I am thinking your Sis won't be recommending him to anyone she knows who will need one! What a poopy-head.

Vol Abroad said...

our disposables turned out "just awful" - and we got married pre-digital.

I would be phoning people to get those files - or maybe sic you dad on them

Molly Jane said...

Any updates on this? I'm keeping my fingers crossed!