Sunday, August 12, 2007

king of the castle

We have an hour until our fantasy draft takes place, and we're excited.

Our royal idiocy was showing tonight because we were thinking that we would have to go to his work and use two computers to be able to both draft. It was only during supper when we thought about opening two windows (tabs) on the same computer and drafting off of one unit. Last year we had to use two computers because both of our computers were slow, but we're thinking that we can make it work with one.

If it doesn't work, we'll have a lot of trading to do next week.

I'm sorry to everybody who wanted to play, but waited too late to join the league. There's always next year, and I will listen to all of the suggestions that people want to offer.

The Hater and I will be in the same division of the league, which means we won't both be able to go to the play-offs. If we're going to lose, we'd rather lose to each other - maybe one of us will dominate the division and win the Super Bowl ring this year. That would be nice, I think. If I win again, I'll probably let The Hater wear my ring so that we both will have one.

It's almost time for real football, and we're excited. Actually, we're welcoming football season with open arms.

The XBox NFL Madden football game comes out Tuesday, and we're looking forward to playing that together this week. We have planned out supper for the week to maximize playing the game. The Hater calls plays and controls the QB. I control the RB/WR and like to play DE or DT on defense so I can try to sack the QB. The best part of the game is that we get to play it together - and bring the Titans to the Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to call you about your request. It is so hot my brain is fried. The book is published by QOOP and is associated with Flikr. VM

Molly Jane said...

I chickened out....maybe next year.