Thursday, July 12, 2007

Welcome Home, Trigger

The Dorks had a good time last weekend when they were here. They did lots of honey-dos and Nana’s cornbread dressing* was a hit. We had Thanksgiving for Sunday lunch and Cinco de Mayo for Supper. It was a good visit and we finished everything that was on our to-do lists.

We had lots of surprises while they were here. The biggest surprise is that they gave us Trigger, Dad’s red ’94 Toyota pick-up. We think that both Harrison and Aunt Mary (owner of Elvira) would approve of keeping family with family.

Trigger has been very excited to take me to work this week, and he hasn’t complained once of wearing an Uglyhoma tag. (I think it’s because he’s so excited to be wearing his “VOLS” tag in the front.) He keeps wondering when we’re going to get to a hill. He is also anxious to go to the Cowboy Hall of Fame to meet his namesake.**

I was driving to work this morning when I remembered that today was our wedding anniversary. I called The Hater to remind him. He said he would have remembered when he looked at his cell phone because he had programmed a reminder on it. At least we didn’t forget about it like we did last year, when we remembered the next day.

I think our plans are to go out for dinner tonight, but other than that we will be playing it low-key. That’s what we do best.

* Sans fluted mushrooms. I dice or crumble everything.

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Molly Jane said...

Happy Anniversary!! How many years is it now?