Friday, July 06, 2007

honey do

The Dorks are on their way to OKC, even as I type! They're bringing a load of things that we could not fit into our car last week. These treasures include a push mower, a metal chest to hold tools and garage things, a shovel and a rake, the ukelele, Sun Drop, an ottoman, two fixed-up library chairs (circa PapaLou) and other various toys.

When we came back we had a car load of wedding presents that we didn't have room for in our apartment. Although we were home for Sister's wedding, we came back with a car load of our own wedding presents, too. Some things we had duplicates for -- so we shared with Sister and her husband, Mr. Fix-It. They also shared some of their duplicates with us. It was great timing!

We have a list of things that The Dorks are going to help do while they're here...
  • peep hole in the front door
  • ~56 cabinet knobs
  • hang some of the larger pictures
  • address the problem of the crazy gutter that is creating a problem at the front of the house (with PVC, Dad, not by digging a tunnel under the sidewalk)
  • other projects that I reserve the right to dream up between now and when they leave

It's a long weekend list, but we're excited that they're going to come help us plow through it.

I've planned a secret surprise for them! We're going to practice Thanksgiving on Sunday. I'm going to make Nana's cornbread dressing with turkey and the fixins for lunch. This could be a real adventure since neither The Hater nor I are totally comfortable with the gas oven yet.

Yesterday afternoon the satellite people came to install the satellite, right when the bottom fell out of a rain cloud. It rained buckets for almost thirty minutes. Then, when the rain started to let up, we lost electricity. (Right before I put dinner in the oven!) They left, promising to come by this afternoon to finish the job.

The Hater has been jonesing for ESPN, so I'm hoping that they're able to complete the installation tonight. We still won't have the internet at home - and probably won't get it until the cable people are able to bring lines out to the subdivision. So we'll have to rough it a little longer... it's like camping, except with air conditioning and without mosquitoes.

So our plans for the weekend should be hectic, but fun. Come visit if you're handy with a drill... we have plenty of jobs to go around!

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Vol Abroad said...

I hope one of those duplicates was a mushroom fluter - 'cause I know that recipe calls for fluted mushrooms.