Monday, July 02, 2007

full circle

We have returned to a soppy wet and still green Uglyhoma. Our trip back took about 13 hours. We had a misadventure in Memphis trying to find a barbeque place that The Hater had read about...

We had three different sets of directions, none of which jived. We wandered up and down Second and Third streets to no avail, and then somehow accidentally ended up on I-55 headed into Arkansas. At that point The Hater said we were done wandering and ended up at Taco Bell.

It wasn't the same as BBQ.

Then we ended up on another small detour in Arkansas before we crossed over into OK. It wasn't a bad drive, but we were more than ready to be back.

Zoloft was excited to see us. We took a nap together this afternoon.

I've had to come back to work to do some things tonight before I head back home, to where we still do not have cable or internet. I'm taking advantage of a desk and computer to give my LBG fans something to read tomorrow morning.

(Point taken, Danny. I am sorry to have deprived you of your 6:15-6:30am entertainment. We are working on internet access, but you'll just have to be patient a little longer. Suck it up!)

Sister's wedding was beautiful!! She was gorgeous, and one of our young cousins was really excited to meet Cinderella. It rained on and off, sending us running back to the house only once during the pictures. We ended up with about 160+ friends and family members celebrating with us... and they ran through sparklers at the end! Sister was happy and everybody seemed to have a great time.

So what if I, stressed out Matron of Honor, forgot his wedding band in the house and they had to use mine instead. It fit just fine on the first joint of his pinky. The audience thought we were just kidding, and few were the wiser. He had his ring for the receiving line-- so he must have had it for the wedding, right? Sister didn't flip out, so it doesn't really matter.

We had a great visit with Vol Mom and Bill. Vol Mom put together flowers for Sister that were absolutely beautiful. We were glad for the Rehearsal Dinner and all the work for the flowers for Sister. She loved all of it. (And we hope you're feeling better!!)

The Hater's job was putting together the music Sister wanted for the wedding and the reception, and then he was in charge of the sound at the wedding. He did a great job under the hot tent. He was really a good, helpful trooper while at home. Along with the sound, he helped Mom make about 7 dozen devilled eggs and sliced a trunk load of mellons.

It was a great trip home, but we wish we had another week to recover and have a vacation now. We're plum tard... and still have boxes to unpack.


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Anonymous said...

The wedding was great - Leslie look stunning - The beer was good and cold - The hugs were the best part.

bill said...

No, I'm pretty sure that means you're married to him now, some weird way.