Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am the Walrus?*

The Hater had a cleaning service tackle the apartment today. He says they removed all of the goo from the windows and successfully vacuumed the cat hair and cat toys that were previously hidden by pieces of furniture.

They also threw away what was left in the refrigerator. You read that right. I thought The Hater had gone through and taken everything out of the fridge, but I was surprised to find lots of expired things (including about a half gallon of skim milk) when we walked through last week.

genderist: I thought you had gotten everything!
The Hater: I did!
genderist: Then what is this stuff still doing in here? Is that bread? Are we growing our own antibiotics now?
The Hater: Well, I got the coke, ketchup, frozen meat, and ice cream!
genderist: Salad dressing? Are those veggies? Do you smell this??
The Hater: If you shut the refrigerator, you will not smell it.
genderist: Why didn’t you get the other stuff?
The Hater: There wasn’t room in the cooler. The coke took up a lot of room!
genderist: Hmm… Do I sense some anger?
The Hater: “I’m calmer than you are, Dude. I’m calmer than you are.”*

Anyway, all of that is behind us and tomorrow we will turn in our keys and be officially done with the apartment (at least until we get our deposits back, and then we’ll be done with them for good). We are so ready to be past that point in our lives.

Tonight after my dinner meeting we’ll probably sit on the couch inside our house and reflect on how nice it is to not live in the apartment anymore. Come visit and I’ll do my best to make sure we do not have expired milk in the fridge. Please call ahead because I make no promises without sufficient notice to inventory what lab projects we are currently undertaking.

* The Hater’s philosophy is that the more references he can make to the film The Big Lebowski, the cooler he actually becomes. Donnie, if you don't get it, then you're probably out of your element.


bill said...

Can I come if I promise to bring pizza?

Molly Jane said...

You two are like Mo and Larry, crackin' me up n' stuff. Enjoy the new diggs.

genderist said...

Pizza is the end-all of bartering in our house. I could eat it every day and not get tired of it.

I like it so much that The Hater made a rule that we can only have it one day a week. :(

So, yeah, you can come if you promise to bring pizza... but I'd much prefer it if you came on a day that wasn't already designated pizza day.

Then we can get around the rules!

Kate said...

gag a maggot?!

Never heard that one before.

Kris (Berto) said...

Hey you - long time no see! Congrats on ditching the appt! don't be a stranger - e-mail me!! Lots to catch up on :)

genderist said...

Kris- I can't find your email address!

genderist said...

And I can't get to shadow from work... and we still don't have internet access at home...