Friday, November 11, 2011


In the perfect world I'd be able to post this at 1111 on 11-11-11, but I don't know what I'll be doing then, so I'm posting now to say I've truly enjoyed writing the date on everything today at work. I'm even writing the date on forms that don't require it. It's good tIke's with nothing real to celebrate, but I don't really care. My inner fourth grader is loving it.

I give directions a lot at work when I'm walking down the hall and people get lost. This morning someone asked me if I could show them how to get to a different building and I broke out into a chorus of "(Yes, I'll) show you the way" in true Styx fashion. It was great, but I'm not sure anybody got it. So the probably think the girl in pink forgot her meds this morning.

I know the rumbles have passed, but I also wanted to note that we've had several earthquakes in the past week. One of which happen during a severe thunderstorm while we were under a tornado watch. All of the ones in the evening have awoken me, but Baby has slept through them. It's been a fun adventure.

The people who are into the metaphysical say that today is a day of high vibrations and that your ability to manifest the things that you want are more likely today. So I'm trying to focus on sending beautiful vibes to the world. Vibes for cancer to die. Vibes for families to grow. Vibes for healing of our land. Vibes for harmony. Vibes for success in school.. Good vibes for all.


Neff Family said...

I love your good vibes! So, for those of us who are dumb, are earthquakes a norm for Ok.?

Jihan said...

feeling your vibes over here... Hope the weather is better now, you seem pretty calm about the earth quake, I would be so scared...

genderist said...

Yes and No: Earthquakes apparently happen all the time in OK, but usually they're little puny ones that are only picked up by the machines that measure such things. And, no, you're not dumb - that's a great question. These were the first ones that I've ever felt in Oklahoma and we've been here for several years.

I knew what it was when it started, but The Hater didn't (at least the ones he didn't sleep through). It really didn't scare me because it's not like we're in California and we're at a threat to fall into the ocean. It's not like it's the "big one" that I always heard about that's some day going to hit in Memphis. Things rattled, but didn't fall from the walls. Maybe it's pure ignorance, and truly that was my bliss.

It also helped that Baby slept through it. I did swim out of sleep in a panic because I was worried about her. If it had scared her and I had trouble running across the house to get her it would've been scary for me, too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your good vibes will scare them away.