Friday, August 12, 2011

like van Gogh, except with intact ears

I have discovered a relatively new little business in the town adjacent to us that offers walk-through painting classes. It's not quite paint-by-number, but there's a leader who literally tells you what to mix and where to put it on your canvas. And you can bring your own goodies, snacks, beverages, alcohol, etc. Good times.

This is the one I did last Saturday. I painted with a lady who works with me and we ended up seeing another person from our work, too. Super fun.

It looks very okay. Still not really happy with it. I think the big shadow looks like a bad GI bleed.

But it was fun and that's what matters.

Last night Mom and I went to do the boots! We had a fabulous time. Don't they look great?

Baby, not to be outdone, colored/markered/stickered a picture for my cousin who is currently in day three of college football "two-a-days". The inside joke is that he was a 4-H chicken judger in high school. Anyway, he's a good kid and needs good vibes, so if you have it in you send some Andy's way. He's still got more than a week of these practices.

Tomorrow, more artful adventures on the docket. We're going back to the art/play place.

We're enjoying The Dorks' visit. I think they're having a pretty good time, too.