Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Yesterday I wrote the date and had an instant memory of writing the date on a paper in school on 8/8/88. I had great intentions to write about it yesterday, but that did not happen. Such is life.

I have distinct memories of this happening when I was in the fourth grade. Except I've done the math several times and I had to have been in the fifth grade. I remember writing it on my paper and the teacher telling us that it would be eleven years before we would be able to write such a fun date again. I was writing with a dull classic yellow #2 pencil, but other than that, I don't remember anything about it.

9/9/99 was noted. I was student teaching (can't remember if it was the third or fifth grade rotation). I tried to impress it's corky neatness to them, but nobody seemed into it.

10/10/10 was fun, too. The Hater and Baby and I celebrated with dessert.

We've not made plans yet for 11/11/11 or 12/12/12, but as my years are numbered to celebrate such silly things, I'm thinking it calls for nothing less than a party. And definitely dessert.


Kelly said...

Holy cow, I cannot remember...any of those dates. I mean, as specifically as you can. I'm lame. Time to start a new tradition, I think! I like the idea of a party...I just wish someone else would throw it and clean up after it!

Anonymous said...

I take note of those unusual dates and I used to trade notes with my daughter about them but my memory slips now and doesn't give me much advance notice. Maybe I'll remember you said this on those upcoming dates and I'll wonder if you had your party.