Sunday, August 07, 2011


We finally saw some rain last night. It was brief, but much appreciated. We're getting another mini-shower right now, or at least we were when we came in from church. I'm so very thankful to see this wet stuff - it's been a long time since we had a good, steady rain.

I don't even care that our humidity went from muggy and uncomfortable to even more sticky and oppressive. The land is so dry; we will be very fortunate if we make it to the fall without major fires.

Baby is pumped. She wanted to come in and put on her jacket and shoes to play in it. If it's still raining in a little while that will be exactly what we do. For now she's pretending to put her stuffed animals and Daddy to sleep; a new and exciting game where she pretends to be in charge. I try to get her to play it with her babies instead of with us because her babies will be content to lay there and sleep and not be tempted to get up like The Hater and I do.

I have been summoned to help check on Daddy, who Baby reports is asleep. She insists that we need to "go check on him". And so we shall...

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Kelly said...

I have never prayed for rain so hard in my life as I have these last two weeks living in Arizona. I can almost feel the drops on my face. Torture.