Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"we totally rock"

Someone has discovered that her pretend microphone hooks into the keyboard. It's not what normal people would consider a functional microphone - it doesn't get any louder when it's plugged in - but she thinks it's the most fantastic thing. EVER.

She takes turns plugging and unplugging it, over and over, and then plugs and unplugs it again. When that gets old she plugs it in, runs to the front, and plays the piano. Occasionally she'll play and sing at the same time. It's the most entertaining show I think I've ever seen.

Speaking of shows, we're going here this weekend to let her rock out to Spaghetti Eddie. I'm hoping that since she knows their cd, she'll think it's fantastic. Part of me wants to let her take her broken microphone with her, but I'm halfway afraid she'll try to just plug it into their amps if I do, and that's the meltdown I'd prefer to avoid.

Last weekend I found a fantastic indoor air-conditioned play area that was part playground and part art studio for little kids. Fantastic. This is one of her masterpieces that she made while she was there (my favorite). We will definitely go back.

But not this weekend. This weekend will be about rock and roll and songs about kitty cats and spaghetti. But not at the same time because even Baby would know that's ludicrous.


Anonymous said...

A good post. I hope baby rocked herself sleepy. It's good to introduce her to the music scene. Some take to it, some don't. Sounds like she thinks it's fun.

Life with Kaishon said...

That sounds like such a fun activity! My baby is 11 now and I can not tell you just how much I miss the little-ness : ) I miss being needed. Cherish the days : )
LOVE that masterpiece she painted for you. so pretty!

genderist said...

I agree. That's the one we're going to hang up.

Marian Parkes said...

She's inspired me to paint some pots like that....