Tuesday, July 05, 2011


It is with bittersweet excitement I announce that Baby has just put on both summer sandals on the correct feet with no help.

Where did my baby go?

And today at the splash park she went around pointing out all of the letters on the signs.

This is what happens when you teach them their ABCs.

And yesterday we're pretty sure she did something just to SPITE us. (The Hater said that's how we can tell that she's part mine! Ha!)

Where did my baby go?

(She just walked over and wiped her nose on my shirt. One of those deep head nod wipes that leaves a fabulous line of snot where she was. I don't mind at all.)


bill said...

Well your child is growing up. First thing you know you'll be looking for a school, then shopping for wrinkle cream for yourself. Once this thing starts it can get our of hand fast. Good luck.

There is a poem by Walter McDonald that starts off like this:

The school bell beckons
and they come with books
and kindergarten smiles
running before they know it
up the stage steps
for diplomas, ...

Cerulean Bill said...

Very cool. Well, maybe not the nose part, but the rest, oh, yeah. Very, very cool.