Friday, May 13, 2011

among the wildflowers

I've been eyeballing a field of wildflowers for about a week. It was the Queen Anne's Lace that caught my eye. I had a vision of making a wreath for Baby's head out of it. I thought it would make some cute pictures. Long story short - it was too twiggy and not malleable enough for my wishes. I think I could've messed with it and maybe soaked it in water overnight, but decided that was far too much work for what I wanted to do.

(Yes, I know this is not Queen Anne's lace - other flowers in the field)

Enter Plan B: Just take Baby to the field, cut some flowers, and get her to hold them and pose. (Have I mentioned that she doesn't pose?) We did this today and I did manage to get a few cute pictures, despite her refusal to look at the camera or me.

We weren't there for very long - not even five minutes. We didn't get deep into the field. But it didn't matter, I scooped her up and left as soon as she started the snotty nose fountain. I was being naive and hopeful that the pollen wouldn't bother her, but I was wrong. We came home and immediately washed hands and face and I gave her some Zyrtec.

We won't be able to go back to the flower fields again.

(At least not until the later summer wildflowers bloom...)

She loved the flowers and was in such a great mood this afternoon. Remind me of that tomorrow afternoon when she's hit her Zyrtec-makes-her-crazy-evening-slump-where-everything-is-the-end-of-the-world-and-causes-much-consternation-and-many-tears...

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Anonymous said...

Watch the tall grass. You may remember those Texas bluebonnets. Other critters live there, too?