Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Kingdom Hospital series

The Hater and I are watching Stephen King's KH series through Netflix. Mostly I'm watching it and he's playing on the computer, but it's on and we're getting through it. The Hater keeps telling me I don't have to watch it, reminds me that it was rated really low.

But I have high standards for SK. I've read so much of his stuff that I know eventually this nose-diver will pull up and recover. I know that SK's weakness is going on and on for seven pages something that he could've described in a moderately-long paragraph. I know his thing isn't editing. But I still like his stuff.

I'd like to go on the record with this one that it's even hard for me to swallow, and that's saying a lot.


JanaKaseyGraceEmilie said...

I have to say that I read his commentary on the inside of the graphic novels that are part of the Dark Tower Series and he said that he loves to have anything of his works done in different formats. He even makes a joke in the commentary about how bad some of it has been. When he made the joke all I could think was, "I'm not laughing here."

DH said...

The series wasn't all the great in my opinion. However, he's making a comeback. His newest book is great. A little graphic like the old SK, but great nonetheless.