Tuesday, April 13, 2010

broken hearted bye-bye

This is the second consecutive night that I've had to go back to work in the evening. Usually this only happens a few times a month, but this month it so happened that the nights were consecutive. I'm really tired today, and moreso anticipatorily tired for tomorrow because I have to be at work crazy early for an important committee meeting.

The Hater came in tonight while baby and I were eating supper. After everybody finished eating and cleaning up I really didn't have long before I had to leave to go back to work. Baby was playing with her toys. I said goodbye to her and she ignored me. I kissed The Hater and she continued to ignore me.

As I walked to the kitchen to get my purse I think she figured out what was going on. She started yelling "bye bye! bye bye! bye bye!!" really excited and walked in third gear over to me. I picked her up and she immediately looked at The Hater and waved and said "bye bye" to him. She thought she was going, too.

I kissed her on the cheek and told her that Mommy was going bye-bye and she was going to stay home to play with Daddy. I handed her to Daddy, grabbed my purse, and walked out of the house to her screaming her head off.

Sometimes it's really hard to be 12 months old. Sometimes it's hard to be 384 months old, too.

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Cerulean Bill said...


When I would pick up my daughter at day care, she would come right over to me -- unless she saw her mother behind me, in which case she'd scoot right past me. My wife said it was to make up for the times that she'd play with me, but not with her. I took to calling myself The Emergency Auxiliary Stand-By Parent.

It did even out, over time.