Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm back to work this week.  Who knew that I could learn to function on about four hours of sleep and work at the same time - multiple days in a row at that.  (Thank goodness I'm not charged to pass meds right now.  Not so sure that would be safe!)  Usually by 3pm my brain turns to jam and I mostly just take up space until its' time to leave.  But so far so good!

I'm able to pump breast milk at work.  I'm trying to do that every two and a half to three hours.  I've rented a double-barrel breast pump, which you can imagine makes things much more efficient to get through.  (This math genius figures that it cuts the time it was taking with a single pump in half.  I know.  You should be amazed that I'm even able to write a complete sentence right now, much less compute such complicated equations.)

I can remember going to class or a clinical or taking a test on about as much sleep.  (Although that would've been after four consecutive hours of sleep, which I'll argue was way better than four intermittent, interrupted hours of sleep.)  I remember it bothering me then, but it was usually okay because I could either take a nap that afternoon to catch back up - or I could just go to bed early that night.  

Unfortunately, neither of those options are possible for us right now.  

The Hater tickled me yesterday.  He called me at work yesterday morning to tell me he was tired.  This was after an especially trying night with a screaming baby who just couldn't give up the goat to go to sleep.  I was really amused that he wanted to tell me he was tired.  I bit my tongue and didn't tell him that his body would get more used to it after about six weeks...  :)

Last night was better for the baby, who I realize still has yet to receive a blogger pseudonym.  (Suggestions, anyone?  It's hard now because it has to be something timeless that she can grow into...  and "Precious" is just way too hokey.)  I'm sure she slept better because she got a bath that sufficiently konked her out.

Time for work.  I hope everyone has a fantastic day!


Hi, I'm Molly said...

How a bout "Pumpkin"? Heh.

The Tudor Rose said...


But that would only work for one... lord knows what you'd call your kids if you had more than one.

I have a friend who calls hers like Borg - 1 of 5 and so on...