Thursday, May 07, 2009

heat wave

Apparently we've been baking the baby, and she has a nice ring of heat rash around her neck to prove it.  I think this is brought on by a combination of her getting better at regulating her own temperature and my own lack of a properly working internal thermostat.

I know that I'm supposed to dress her in the same kind of layers that I'm wearing, but apparently that's too much.  So I've been emailing friends who have similarly aged babies to see what they're dressing the kids in at night*.  With these responses, we decided to let the kid sleep in a short sleeved sleeper, no socks, and semi-swaddled in a cotton blanket under her armpits (she likes to have her arms outside of the constriction now).  

I just knew she'd freeze to death.  I was cold just looking at her.  But every time she woke up her arms weren't the popsicles that I'd expected.  

I've not gotten to inspect the rash yet today.  We've not moved from low-light to awake-lights yet.  But when we do I'm anxious to see how it's looking.  Surely it's gotten better if we didn't roast her through the night.

*  Incidentally, our friends' baby also has heat rash right now.  It's good to know ours isn't the only easy-bake-baby on the block.

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Cerulean Bill said...

I am trying not to think of jokes about turkeys with pop-up timers, and what if you'd had a boy, and....