Saturday, May 30, 2009

look out hollywood

Last night we had an ear-splitting adventure...

Two of our friends got married last night.  We wanted to be there to support them, so we packed up the baby and the kitchen sink and took off for what we were told would be a two hour drive.  We decided it would be most prudent to leave three hours before the ceremony, with planned padding for us and the baby to have supper.

The funny thing is that we actually thought the wedding was going to be last Friday.  It was last Thursday before we realized that it indeed was a week later than we'd thought...  and just a few days ago before we found out that what we thought was a wedding that started at 7pm was actually a wedding that started at 6:30pm.  We had a good laugh at ourselves for that one -- imagine showing up on the wrong day -- or thirty minutes late because we had the time wrong.  Good thing the bride straightened us out both times because if we'd relied on the groom's intel, we would have shown up at the wrong time on the wrong day.

It ended up being a three and a half hour drive.  We pulled up to the church after the baby had screamed for almost the last hour.  The Hater ran inside to catch the vows and the tail-end of the ceremony.  I took the baby to the nursery to change her diaper, and before we were finished, the wedding was over.  

Shortly after we greeted the bride and groom in the receiving line, the baby started crying again.  There weren't enough chairs in the reception hall for all of the attendees, so we ended up taking the baby into an empty Sunday School classroom.  About that time it was time for her to eat again...  so I took her back to the nursery to nurse her.

At this point we'd been at the festivities for an hour before deciding that we should just go back home.  So we said our goodbyes and drove three and a half hours back to OKC, wondering out loud to ourselves two major things -- first, what were we thinking taking this baby on a road trip -- second, how could the groom have such bad intel??  

As the baby screamed without consolation, we questioned the ability to successfully make future road trips.  We talked about how it was almost cruel to strap her into a seat and make her scream just so that someone else can see her scream at a later time.  Crazy.  We may force another "test run" road trip before trying the real thing again.

On a brighter note, baby's future really is so bright...  We would say that Hollywood should be on the look-out, but there's no way we could make that trip right now.

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Anonymous said...

I love the blog. It gives me exciting/interesting insights on the future of having a kid. Hope all is well.