Tuesday, April 07, 2009

pride vs boredom

During the short moments during the day where baby is sleeping and I'm awake, I'm finding myself thinking about a certain social networking forum that I swore I wouldn't EVER join.  EVER.  

But now I'm thinking about it because it would be something else that could entertain me while everybody I know is still working.  Because let's be real honest here:  daytime tv is special (and not in the way your Mama thinks you're special).  I'm spending my time watching the clock - either timing the next due feeding or wondering how much longer it'll take for The Hater to come home to entertain me with real, two-way, adult conversation.

But it's tricky because I'm stubborn.  And the people to whom I swore I would NEVER EVER join said social networking community are sure that "it's just a matter of time" before I "break down" and "join the dark side".  This includes The Hater, who sold out to said social network a month or so ago.  

At this point I guess it's just a matter of time to see which wins -- my pride or my tolerance of boredom.  But today is the first day where I've seriously considered giving in, and it pains me to admit this.

Nancy Reagan said I should "just say no".  I'm going to stick with her for a little while longer.  After all, there are other projects I could work on --  like dusting and vacuuming, or going through the stack of studies that I brought home from work to read while I'm on maternity leave.

But for those of you who were taking bets to see how long I'd be able to hold out --  you should know that the house advantage is ever changing...  and I have several more weeks of maternity leave ahead of me.


The Tudor Rose said...

Don't do it!

It's kinda soul sucking. And you realize that your real friends will contact you OFF the social networking if they do want to spend time with you.

Hold out! Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

I say, join in for other human contact. You can always withdraw if it doesn't meet your needs. Your needs, not your pride is what is most important. If Mama ain't happy, no one is happy. I've always said anyone who is not at least a little depressed after going through pregnancy, childbithr and then 24-7 of neediness has to be crazy. During most of human history there were others around to help carry the physical and emotional burdens and to share the joys. You need support, because you are human. Only crazy independent Americans even think of going it alone. This is not a test of rugged independence, it is a phase of life where you need all the help you can get, from any source. This does not lessen who you are.

Cerulean Bill said...

You can always (well, usually) get me on Googletalk if you feel your resolution slipping.... kind of like AA for Twits. And how come people who use it never call themselves that?

Arielle said...

Hey Facebook is fun, I'll admit it. You can find people that you lost contact with long ago. And you can play scrabble with me during naptime if you are bored. You can only vacuum so much trust me.

You could always get an early start on memorizing Dora the Explorer.