Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This morning in the middle of baby's 2am feeding it dawned on me that I was burping her with percussion rhythms that I've known for years (for you drumline , rudiments and warm-ups*).  I really wanted to fire up the laptop and immediately send out an email to my band nerd friends with kids to see if they did the same, but since it was so early, I opted to go back to sleep instead.

This was probably a good option because the 5:30am feeding ended up in a power vomit episode and complete wardrobe change for her - partial wardrobe change for me.  

So I emailed them this morning.  So far no answers yet, but I'm eager to see if they've done the same.

Meanwhile, baby will be 3 weeks old tonight.  And as you can see from the picture, she loves her tractor.

* specifically:  flamadiddles, ratamacues, cheeses, and the standards (aka, chicken and a roll, 8-8-16, etc)


genderist said...

Apparently I'm the band nerd with the most band spirit...

Of the three percussionists I polled:

One said she never did that.
One said he preferred one-handed tripilets, but never considered burping rudiments.
One still hasn't responded.

Cerulean Bill said...
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Cerulean Bill said...


Doctor, why are my child's eyes always so WIDE open?

genderist said...

I only sing them to her during the day!

Night time burpings are pure thumps, minus the verbage.