Saturday, June 04, 2011

splish, splash

We had so much fun today!

A friend of mine told us about a secret public water park. We met them there for a picnic and play date. Their girls and Baby had SO MUCH FUN! Their girls had played there before and jumped right in. Baby had to warm up to it, but it wasn't long before she was running through everything, too. The wind didn't bother us too much until it was time to sit down and eat lunch.

There were two shaded picnic tables, and I was glad that we had gotten there early enough to get one of them and have that place to get out of the sun (and eat). The girls ate well, played some more (briefly), and then it was a huge tear-fest when it was time to go. Three little girls in tears, bemoaning the injustice in leaving the magical place.

I expected Baby to be asleep before we got home, but she stayed awake. We read several stories and then she took a great nap.

We did some errand-running after her nap. She was very tolerant, considering it was hot as blue blazes outside. We had seen signs for a store that was having a sale on outside furniture, so we went. Even with the sale everything was obnoxiously overpriced. It didn't take long for us to realize that we weren't going to buy anything there. So we started to try to leave, but we had to stop at every balloon along the way for Baby to pretend to hold it. And then she had to sit at a table. And it was the end of the world when I wouldn't let her eat the plastic food sitting at the table. She didn't understand why she couldn't have the grapes...

The gaggy moment of the day actually has to do with a Christmas present from last year. I told my parents that I wanted a remote for my camera. They told me to order it and they would pay me back and put it under the tree for me. (This gags lots of people, but I love it! Shopping is so easy when you know what people want!!) I ordered it and gave it to them when they were in OKC for a visit - and explained that they would need to get a battery for it. At Christmas I opened it and, alas, no battery. They said that since I didn't get it they didn't know they needed to get it. (When you're old you miss out on details.) So the little box with the remote in it has sat on my kitchen counter for a little over five months. We've had very good intentions to go get it at a specialty store, but it's never actually played out. So today we decided that we would open it up, figure out what size it needed, and get it when we also got the battery for the remote that goes to our bedside lamp. It was a fabulous idea. Except when we opened the remote there was a battery in it already. Gag - we could've been using it since Christmas. We'll remedy that tomorrow and try some family shots with the new fancy remote.

We toodled around some more and ended up eating supper at a local place, Chica's Mexican Cafe. I had some fried tacos and they were excellent with guacamole -- like perfect little fried meat pies of goodness. While there we purchased a "Keep it Local" card where we can get discounts for local businesses. We've been talking about getting one of these but never had done it. So, tada, now our cool factor has doubled.

Came home and threw Baby in the bath to get the chocolate milk and yogurt out of her hair and to get sticky orange off of her belly, arms and legs. She has adopted one of the cat toys, a little pink ball, and loves to play with it in the bathtub. (This is only fair because the cat has claimed several of her little stuffed babies as her own.)

Tomorrow will be full of housework and laundry since we didn't get any of that done today. It's supposed to be another hot day, so I imagine we'll be spending lots of time in the little pool in the back yard, too.

Some day we'll look back on these days with fond memories. I'm thankful for the forethought to recognize that now.


Anonymous said...

100 degrees tomorrow but life is good.

Marian Parkes said...

(When you're old you miss out on details.)

^ Hey.. I resemble that remark!