Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Dear Coach Kiffin-

We are excited that you have joined the Volunteer family in Knoxville!  

Hopefully your Dad will, too, after the end of the NFL season.

Don't get us wrong - we don't like you just because of your Dad, but you have to admit that's a hellofa bonus.  He is, after all, one of the greatest defensive coordinators in football history.

We're also excited to hear that Mike Hamilton called Peyton to okay your hire before you were offered the job.  I'm sure you're new to my blog, but that alone scored you some major points in our book.  

You did a great job at USC.  We understand the Raiders situation had less to do with your coaching ability and more to do with Al Davis' lunacy.  

We're excited that you've already hit the recruiting trail hard.

Unlike the comment Phil Fulmer made, we don't expect you to win every game next year.  We do, however, expect improvement.  That's what we're looking for -- consistent improvement each season.  In 3-4 years we expect UT back to it's old glory.  We hope the media will once again flood with images of UT player directing the band in Rocky Top after another SEC championship.

Welcome to the family.  You're a Volunteer now.  Your transfusion has begun, and we're hoping it won't be long before you, too, bleed orange.

The Hater and genderist

PS:  Don't make me hate on you.  Everyone on the UT staff that I've hated on has been fired.  No pressure.  The Hater.


Anonymous said...

i hope that this post, and similar ones, are in jest. If this sentiment is sincere, the author is an embarrassement to Ut and the state of TN.

Anonymous said...

How is this an embarrassment, we are wishing the new coach well. Make a warrant as to why this is an embarrassment? --The Hater

genderist said...

This isn't clear at all, Anonymous... Which similar posts are your panties in a wad over? The ones where I'm a Vol fan? The ones about the great Peyton Manning? The ones where I'm disappointed when we screw up? The ones where I hope that future seasons are better than this one?

Nobody said you had to jump on the Lane Train.

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully your Dad will, too, after the end of the NFL season."

Looks like your wish came true this New Year, Genderist.