Monday, June 23, 2008

tense mommy & vocal babies

I think they're really starting to hate the big orange ladder. Today was my fourth trip lugging it out to the nest, and this time Mommy swooped off before I could get her picture. She's shy.

I love how my babies still have little bits of white feather fuzz. This is the first day they've been eagerly vocal. Much to their dismay, I did not regurgitate my supper for them. Don't get me wrong --- I would have, but I'm not so sure they'd like whole wheat pasta with spinach and pumpkin pie.

Meanwhile, I keep mentioning to one of my coworkers that they really need to bring their kids over to see these birds before they fly away. She lives maybe 3 miles away, so it's not like they'd be out all night to come see them.

I guess she's just not into cultivating those types of kids.

Sister and I grew up watching box turtles hatching, playing with snakes, catching chicken-chokers with onion grass, feeding hummingbirds sugar water through an eye dropper, and cradling baby flying squirrels and baby birds. We watched Wild America every Sunday morning before church. We knew the names of all the trees in the yard, as well as most of the flowers. (They were always planting something new.) I think we turned out okay, but I concede that I'm biased.

My kids will see the baby birds.

More pictures in a couple of days.


Molly Jane said...

Thanks for sharing your bird story, I love it. Mady and I grew up country kids too. I'll be rocking my bright green ladder soon.

Anonymous said...

Three comments from sister:
~Daniel and I still watch Marty
Stauford on Wild America . . .
~I completely forgot about catching
chicken chokers with onions. I
never was very good at that
~I was watching Jeopardy last week
and the $2000 question was to
identify a picture of the ancient
holy tree in China. One genius
buzzed in and said "bonzai", but
I knew the correct answer was
"ginko" from our leaf books we
made at LPS
~It pays off to be a nerd :)


Arielle said...

That is a very good picture of the babies. <3 Have they flown away yet?