Tuesday, June 17, 2008

flight of the scissor-tailed flycatcher

It's more of a progression than a flight, but it will end in flight -- so I'm going with flight anyways. We don't have scissortails at home - so I was extremely excited when I saw Mommy protecting her nest. These pictures have been taken over a course of several weeks -- the last ones were taken yesterday. I'll continue to update as they get bigger and more interesting.

Mommy bird has not flogged me yet, which I consider to be a good sign. Although she is never excited when I hike over to her nest with the big orange stepladder.

The Hater is out of town for a while, so the cat and I are holding down the fort. She's been a very sweet and vocal companion in his absence.

Speaking of absence, my brain has been on strike lately. One good story before I go to bed:

Last week I was handing out fliers (not to be confused with the flyers, pun not intended). I went into one doctor's office with the flier and mini-speech about how they were welcome to attend, dinner would be provided, yadda yadda yadda. And the lady looked at it and said, yeah, we got this yesterday. Knowing I'm the only person handing these out I said, no, that can't be. She looked at it again, certain that they had it, and then looked at me, and said, "And you brought it to me."

Me? Are you sure?

Oh yeah, she was sure. Then she replayed the whole conversation we had about a movie that I've not seen. I remembered talking about the movie, but not going into the office.

I asked her to let me know if I tried to bring her the same flier the next day. If I did, I don't remember.
I've been misplacing things, too. Dumb things. Forgetting things. Like posting on the blog. I'm too young for some-timers and too old to say Charlie Brown did it.

This is for the birds.


Anonymous said...

Are these in your garden? I have never seen a scissor-tailed flycatcher in all my trips to OKC. I will come to your house and look closer next time. VolMom

Anonymous said...

don't worry about forgetting - i argued with a foster mom today who swore that she didn't bring her kid to speech therapy this week, when they were here just three days ago. oh the joys of working with tncare patients . . .


Anonymous said...

dad would be oh so jealous about your birdies


~lifedramatic~ said...

Very cool about the birdies!

Not so cool about the forgetting :)




Cerulean Bill said...

The forgetting? Forget it.