Tuesday, May 20, 2008

thick brain tangly fog

I know when my TSH is up. I guess I'm that attuned to it now. It's like I have several rolodexes in my head, and I can't remember which one has the word I want to find. And if I find the right one, I can't remember how I filed it.

Tangled neurons. Or slow neurotransmitters. Or maybe my myelin went on strike. I'd make other outrageous brain things, but I can't think of a fun way to include the ventricles.

And did I mention that I'm super tired?

Nana has a fantastic assortment of recipes. But only she knows how they are filed. Just because you're looking up "chicken on eggbread", don't bother looking under the "c" or the "e". It'll either be filed under "k" for Kleeman's or "n" since she cut it out of the newspaper.

That's how my brain feels right now. I'm sure this is clear as mud. (Even as I write this, I know it's choppy. But I can't remember how to fix it. So you'll just have to suck it up and muddle through. Just like me!)

Tomorrow is the lab draw. Go team. We're hoping to bat a big fat zero. I've never been so excited and so hopeful to fail. I'm not even going to study for the test.

I zonk now.


Anonymous said...

This too shall pass. We are holding you constantly in our thoughts. We wish you well. VolMom

~lifedramatic~ said...


You're in my T's n P's!



Cerulean Bill said...

You sound like you're what we call 'thirty seconds in the past' -- where your brain is working, but reaaaaallly slow, and it only responds to major news alerts.


Um... So?