Thursday, May 08, 2008


The Hater has DVR'd a boat-load of Tales from the Darkside episodes. He told me how he used to stay up late and watch these super scary shows when he was younger.

Well, we've watched a few of them... and I'm not impressed.

The Hater concedes that they're not as great as he remembers, but he still likes to watch it.

It's very much a La Siesta experience.

I thought that I'd posted something about our trip back to M'boro specifically for La Siesta, our favorite Mexican restaurant on Greenland across from MTSU... but I can't seem to find that post. Here's the re-cap: La Siesta was our favorite place to go eat. We could split an order of fajitas for cheap, and the service was fantastic. It was tasty yummy goodness.

It was great... until we went back to eat there about three years later. Sadly, the experience wasn't as great as we remembered. The salsa didn't sing. The fajitas were not heavenly goodness. Only the service and decor were what we were expecting; we even had the same waitress. Everything else was a supreme let-down. We were about halfway back to LBG when we admitted that it wasn't as great as we remembered. It was a sad drive home.

It was our first of many La Siesta experiences. And now TFTDS has been added to the list.


Cerulean Bill said...

I wasn't aware that Thomas Wolfe was talking about restaurants, too...

Arielle said...

I notice that my kids think things are better than they are. Maybe its a youth thing.

Molly said...

I totally concur with your conclusions of LaSiesta. We went there a few years ago when we visited Crystal/Donna. The only thing I remember being good were the margaritas, of which I drank too many. Heh.

The Tudor Rose said...

Hey! Been watching the news. You guys ok?

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you each and every day this month. Hope the report goes well. In the same vein as your posting,some things that are bad are not as bad as remembered, either. All the L'burg crowd, K'ville crowd and London crowd are pulling for you. VM