Wednesday, April 16, 2008

stage one

Sunday night I was feeling especially adventurous. After walking, I decided to resurrect a forgotten workout tape that focuses on abs. Sixteen something minutes of torture.

I threw my yoga mat on the floor and cursed my way through the tape. I went through my entire repertoire of every swear word and combination of those words that I have ever heard. The Hater watched from the couch, coaching me and suggesting other fabulous combos to try.

And all the while I was thinking that I was really going to hurt the next day.

I was right.

Actually, I started hurting during the night. I rolled over to pain.

But it's not what you're thinking.

Monday morning I confirmed my midnight suspicion. I have a stage one pressure sore on my tailbone. That's right! The crunches gave me a bedsore. I'm falling apart.

It's still red and achy. I put myself on non-floor-related exercises until a few days after the purple redness goes away. Then we'll try it again with more padding.


Molly said...

Hardcore! Dude, you my abs melt into fat and baby. But I'm ok with it!

Mommavia said...

Tag! You're it!