Saturday, March 08, 2008

ten minute post

I have ten minutes to spare before I have to leave the house. So for the first time ever, I'm bringing you a ten minute post...

The Hater went to play poker this morning. I was going to sleep late, but the cat had other ideas. The Hater didn't win the tournament, but stayed around a little later to see the action on the tables. I've not heard how he's done with that yet.

While he was gone, I cleaned the house from bow to stern. We're talking dusting and vacuuming, people. My back is sore, so I must have done it right. I'm going to make The Hater do the bathrooms when he gets back to the house.

We still have laundry to do. That's our consistent weekend mantra... and this weekend is no different.

I've volunteered at the church to be on a team of note writers who send notes to people who are sick. My turn has come around again, and I've sent out 10 notes today. I want to say the last time it was my turn I had about 15 to write, but that was several months ago and I don't remember. But it's done, so that's good.

Except we're going to need more stamps. I'm out of stamps. That's another recurring theme in this house.

Tonight I'm volunteering for something that will take most of the evening. The Hater plans to get home shortly after I leave the house. That's not intentional timing, or so I assume.

My jonquils are doing well, but they're slow. Dad tried to force them this winter and gave them to me in a pot while we were home at Christmas. I've watered them and talked to them, and I now have about 8 or 9 shoots, some of them getting tall, none of them with yellow heads yet. I should probably turn the pot so that all the shoots don't end up growing like they needed more V8 in their diet. ( ///)

The Hater said last night that he wouldn't be opposed to a ficus tree in the house. So I guess we're now in the market for one of those, but I've got to read more about them to see if I've got a place where it will live. No sense in planning for herbicide.

When it gets a little warmer we're going to paint another coat of tinted sealant on the wood fence in the back yard. The other houses in the neighborhood who didn't seal their fences aren't looking nearly as nice as ours. The tint really makes a difference.

One more minute.

I think our tree in the front yard is dead. The Hater doesn't. He'll find out once it doesn't make any leaves this Spring. The shrubs look like they've done well over the winter. When it gets a little warmer I want to get a ground cover for the front bed. I've seen some around OKC that's a larger (leaves the size of your handprint) verrigated cover that seems to do well around here, but I have no idea what it is. We may also plant some monkey or mondo grass under the tree, if it lives, or under tree #2, if it's dead.

It's been crazy at work this week. And next week looks like it's going to be busy, too. Usually the third (or fourth) week of the month isn't as bad for me as the first and second.

Mom's birthday is tomorrow. Polly's was yesterday. HBDTY to you both.

Time's up.

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Anonymous said...

To tell if your tree is dead or not, take your thumbnail and scrape away a bit of the soft bark on one of the branches. If the wood underneath is green it's still alive. If it isn't, it's dead.