Sunday, March 09, 2008

misadventures in electricity

We've head a dead can light in the kitchen for a week or so. It's one of four overhead lights in the space, so missing one really made a difference in being able to see what you were doing.

On our list of things to do today was to get a new light bulb for said socket. This requires getting out the BIG ladder from the garage and clunking it around to get to the dead light.

The Hater took it out of the socket and the glass part of the bulb separated from the metal screwy-base. We took the info we needed to figure out what type of bulb we needed to get for a replacement.

Even as novices, we know it'd probably be smart to cut the breaker to the kitchen before we try to get the screwy part out of the socket. Imagine The Hater up on the ladder, cursing and reaching, while I'm on the ground trying to shine a flashlight up to him. It was awful, but we swapped it out.

We decided to go ahead and swap out the other three while we were already making a mess. The last three also came apart while he was trying to take them out. I really can't tell this story to give enough credit to exactly how annoying it was... so you'll just have to imagine... and then make it at least two times worse than that.

But it's done, and according to the light bub packaging, we won't have to change them again for 7 years. Even better, when we turned the electricity back on, they made the kitchen way brighter than it's been since we moved here.

You can see all kinds of dust that we'd not even noticed before. Fabulous. Thanks, Al.


Anonymous said...

If you wore glasses you could dust like I do...take my glasses off. The dust goes magically away! VolMom (Now you know where the VolAbroad gets her housekeeping skills)

Bill said...

Thats essentially my view. I have a bit of problem seeing dark red on black, and my wife realized that its a contrast problem -- which is a good description of dust. I'm not ignoring the dust -- I just don't see it.

Well, usually not ignoring it...