Sunday, March 31, 2013

normal sinus rhythm

We are not dead.

We are, however, busy!  Life with two girls is a chaotic blast.

I would love a winning lottery ticket so I could stay home for full-time fun.  Alas, I went back to work when the baby was eight weeks old.  I went back to a different job, which has also been crazy.  I'm still nursing exclusively and pumping at work - my days are packed.

Dare I type it - my nights aren't that bad.  The baby goes down around 7pm when my big girl goes down.  She wakes up to eat between 2-3am and again between 4-5am.  The big girl comes to our bed every night around midnight.  I never want to get up in the mornings. :)  Today my morning started at 5am.

The baby is four months old and my big girl will be four this weekend.  It's a fun time.  My down

Time warp:  I thought I posted this two weeks ago, yet here it is, unposted.  That's how crazy things are now, and the good news is that everybody is fed and mostly clean.  It's crazy and it's good.

And since I forgot to post this let me update that now the baby is going down at 7pm and not waking to eat until 4:30-5am.  It is marvelous.  I'm a rested, happy Mommy.

I hope you are well and that you had a great Easter with your family.


bill said...

Good to know you are still at it, fighting the good fight. It gets easier over time. Welcome back.

Cerulean Bill said...

I just realized that I had not seen your site in quite some time. I am glad that I remembered it, and a bit sorry that you're very busy. (Purely greed on my part; I like reading about your life!)

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Cerulean Bill said...

I hope that you start writing again!

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