Sunday, October 28, 2012

a little art deco (ration)

No real changes this week to report on behalf of my insides.  Still 2cm/75%, but she's moved down a centimeter - so that's something.

Been having contractions lately, but they're not much to write home about.  Fortunately I only notice them if I'm being quiet - which doesn't happen very often in the company of a three year old.

The neat thing about being pregnant at some point the last two elections is obviously posing for baby book pictures that some family members would croak over.

And the neat thing about being pregnant with a three and a half year old is washable markers and an ever-growing canvas.  ("But, Mommy, some of the pink lines didn't wash off!")

Sciatic pain is annoying, but they've given me some muscle relaxers to help keep me from hobbling around like an old man.  I've also noticed this weekend that my heartburn is getting worse - still not as bad as last time, but definitely worse.  I'm on the upswing - we'll have a baby here soon!


Johnna Dixon said...

The sticker is a nice touch.

J.J. said...

i am so sorry i misspelled together! oh geez.