Monday, July 23, 2012

oh so hot

"Oh so" is Baby's new phrase that she's learned to tag onto phrases to give more emphasis.  For example, "If the baby comes out a boy I'll be oh so sad." or "I like these grapes oh so much.  They are my best."

I'm 25 weeks pregnant this week.  Incidentally it's the first week I've really felt big and pregnant.  Kneeling down to pick something up just isn't as easy as it used to be (or, rather, getting up isn't easy).  Rolling over in bed is taking some effort.  Although I'm already on heartburn medicine I can tell you I'm not having heartburn now, but I can tell it's coming.  And when I cross the street I can't change gears to a jog to get out of the way of traffic - that bouncing just doesn't work right now.  And I'm oh so having a terrible time tolerating the heat.

The problem with being pregnant in the summer is that you can only take off so many clothes.

Saw my doctor a couple of weeks ago.  He told me my weight gain was "perfect".  I made him say that twice because nobody has ever told me that in my life.

I'm still walking a couple of miles every afternoon, and at this point I'm still able to keep my regular pace and pass the slow people.  But this week I can tell that I won't be doing that for much longer.  It's taking more work to keep that pace.  And stairs?  I still take them if I'm only going one flight away from where I am, but (like crossing the street) I'm no longer able to just bounce up them; today took work to get up the stairs. When I got to my destination the girls in the front of the office just laughed at me for being winded.

Today I went to security and officially got the pregnancy parking pass to park in the closer spots to the ER (so I don't have to cross the busy street on foot).  They didn't want nearly as much paperwork as I thought they would.  It'll still be a hike from where I park to where I work, but now most of it will be inside instead of in the heat.  (And I'll get to take a flight of stairs up to my office in the mornings!)

The veggies on the back porch are officially scorched.  The week of 104+ highs just fried the tomatoes and lemon balm.  The basil acts like it's going to come back and the rosemary looks fine.  The other plants in the yard are looking okay for now, but we'll see what the rest of July and August do to them.

The Hater and I recently celebrated our 9th anniversary.  In some ways it's hard to believe that it's been nine years - but at the same time in some ways I think, "Really?  That's all?"  He's a fantastic Daddy to Baby and will be the same for Runt.  There are some things I would change if I could go back in time (those were not the flowers I wanted to carry for my wedding, for example), but I'd still marry him all over again if I had the chance.

Name update:  Runt still doesn't have an official name.  We're not in a panic about this because we still think we have plenty of time.  I do have a list of potential names and we've pared it down much shorter than it was to begin with, but that's as far as we've gotten.  Of course we've not even discussed names in a week or so.  Baby still thinks Runt's name should be, "Chewman," although I just asked her again and she said, "Mmmm-mmmmm".

She's oh so creative.


Anonymous said...

It is the best of times: a successful marriage, an ideal family, and when the times comes, give the runt a good name.

Cerulean Bill said...

Ah, so.....

Cynthia said...

Ryan got his name the day he was born. We had a few on a list, but we had no idea what would fit him. So don't sweat it. They won't put her back in if she doesn't have a name!