Sunday, February 19, 2012

Taintsy, Chompsy, and (baby #3)

It's amazing to me how as Baby gets more independent and fun - and able to entertain herself - being a parent is more fun.

We went to Pet Smart on Friday for cat food. While there Baby decided we should also get the cat a toy - and picked out a pack of three catnip-filled mice. Since we've been home the three mice haven't gone very far from her side. They even went to church with us this morning.

Zoloft only played with one briefly.

Our days have been filled with tea parties, acting out scenes from The Jungle Book or Toy Story, and pretending to fix each other's hair. We love that her imagination has exploded.

We think a lot of this is due to the change in day care we made. Since moving Baby is using the potty exclusively, we've not had any major tantrums, she doesn't ask to watch tv as much, and pretty much she's more social. We had a lot of anxiety about moving her, but at this point it's one of the best parenting decisions we've made.

One last story...

I won four free tickets and a parking pass to go downtown to see a Barons hockey game. We'd never seen a hockey game before and for the price of free we were were sold. We were excited.

Yesterday afternoon we drove downtown, found the parking garage, hiked to the gate. Baby was so excited. We were excited. And then the lady at the gate nicely told us that our tickets were for Sunday night.

Today we went back downtown, parked about six places away from where we were last night, hiked to the gate... and saw parts of the game. She was really into it for the first period, but then she was not so much for the second period. That's when we found the fun things around the arena to do; she got a big kick out of taking turns to hit a puck with a hockey stick. We ended up leaving in the beginning of the third period because she was done. We got home in time for her to eat a couple of ham roll-ups and go to bed.

We've not heard a peep out of her since she went down.

It's been a fabulous weekend.


Anonymous said...

You may be home free for years until you get a teenager. I hear tell that's a whole other situation. Maybe not.

Cerulean Bill said...

Teen-agers can be cool. But a child of your child's age is way more fun to play with. Even if they do insist that we have to get the cat a toy! The whole darn house is a cat toy!