Thursday, December 15, 2011

lucky thirteen

This past weekend The Hater and I decided to throw together another batch of Nana's best cornbread dressing. It ended up being great - we love it every time. And The Hater especially likes it when we don't invite people over to share it with us because it's just about his most favorite thing that I make for him.

Cornbread will always be a very special thing for me to make because my Nana taught me how to make it. That along make it an epitome of my comfort foods.

We had a great need for comfort foods because next week we travel to see family. It's going to be another crazy whirlwind, most likely sans cornbread, but with all kinds of other good things that we don't usually eat. Country ham, home-fried chicken tenders, biscuits and gravy, Rick's BBQ -- it's going to be crazy, but we'll be well fed.

Baby is having a terrible time going to sleep at night. When we get back from the trip we're going to re-train her. There's no point in doing it now because we'll just flip-turn-upside-down everything when we're all sleeping in the same room for a while. But she'll need your prayers when we get back because she's going to think the world is ending. Maybe we should first butter her up with some of Nana's Kleeman's Chicken on Eggbread?

PS: This is my thirteenth post that mentions cornbread. For a good time (and blast from the past) search my blog for cornbread, and you, too, may be whisked back into sweet buttermilk time.

PPS: Two points for you if you caught The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reference.

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Anonymous said...

We used to fix our Nana's cornbread dressing until we discovered Prater's. Now for many years Praters Dressing has been part of our holiday experience because it's so easy. The only thing, here you can only find it in holiday season. I'm with the hater, cornbread dressing is one of my favorites, too.