Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here it is officially fall and our yard is finally greening up. With the grass has come dandelions and other such exciting weeds. Baby had a total blast running around and pointing at all of them, followed by picking one, shoving it up her nose and saying "Mell Good!". I know where she learned to pick flowers, but I'm not sure where she learned to smell them.

It was about 90 degrees outside, windy and overcast - about the prettiest it's been in a really long time. The Hater is home this weekend and we just can't decide where we want to go this weekend between the storms. Hopefully it'll be nice enough for us to get all kinds of fun exciting things done.

Baby gets so upset when it's time to come inside. To hear her you'd think she was being beaten.
Tomorrow she'll be 18 months old. How times flies when you're having fun.


Cerulean Bill said...

I recall a comedian saying When do you start saying your child is so many years old instead of so many months? And why don't people ever say Why I'm Fifty Nine and a Half?

Good questions.

Anonymous said...

You've got some pretty weeds but they won't be growing much longer. It's cool tonight and this morning I was going to sip my coffee out on the porch; it was too cold.