Saturday, February 06, 2010

sweet sixteen

Baby took sixteen steps across the room last night. It was very exciting, but I had to hold my tongue and not clap until she was already down. They said at daycare she was walking all over the place and standing up in the middle of the floor without pulling up on something. She's not done that trick for me yet; hoping to see that one this weekend.

Jane said it won't be long until she's running away from us. (Because, of course, I had to send everybody a text message to announce that baby is, indeed, off the charts.) Even knowing that, we're still having a ball watching her learn new tricks.

We pick The Hater up at the airport after her morning nap. We were fortunate that his flight came back to town on baby's schedule. He's had a whirlwind trip with funeral games for the last several days. I know he was glad to be there to help, but will be glad to get back here and rest. (And watch baby run circles around us!)

Meanwhile, I'm watching the 1997 UT-KY game on ESPN. Manning just broke an SEC record. We're cheering for him all over again. Baby will stop what she's doing and just clap her hands. I know that really it's because she's just figured out how to do it, but we're pretending that she's practicing clapping for Peyton in the Super Bowl tomorrow. They do share a birthday, after all.

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My sympathies to the OK division of the Vole Nation.