Saturday, December 05, 2009

velcro boots

This little dress has a red and white Santa hat to go with it, but once baby realized it was on her head she wanted to play with it and not leave it on her head. We're also sporting velcro boots, purely for the cinematography. This one is one of the last 6 month outfits that will still button over her trunk. After we wear it to church tomorrow and wash it she will have outgrown yet another fantastic rummy dump find.

Baby clothes sizing cracks me up. We tried on two "9 month" outfits that were too small, and another "12 month" outfit that was too small, too. Tonight she's sleeping in a zipper-bag which label says "0-12 months". It's basically just been sitting in the back of her pajama drawer all this time because she's just now to a size where she can't wriggle out of the neck hole. Shoes are the same story: a "3" is not a "3" is not a "3".

The Hater is out of town on work business. You can see how we spent our afternoon: playing with Santa. He was most impressed with my smile solicitation after baby decided it was time to stonewall the photographer. My newest trick (that hasn't lost its luster yet) is to make a fart noise by blowing into my index and middle knuckles on my left hand. She loves it, and Santa was really impressed with it, too. He said he learns a new trick every year, and he's never seen that one before. He just laughed and said that when I blew my hand he could just feel her vibrating in his lap. I told him it was a great distraction to get through green vegetables. He patted her on the head and said that nothing was a good enough distraction to get through green vegetables, then thanked me again for surprising him.

I hesitate to add this because if I were a superstitious person I might be afraid that this might mess up our current mojo, but here it is: Baby has slept through the night for two consecutive nights! Two nights ago she woke up a couple of times and whined, but by the time we got to the kitchen to mix her a bottle she'd fallen back to sleep. Last night went silently - sans whines, whimpers or flailing cries. I'd forgotten how nice it is to actually get a good night's sleep.

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Cerulean Bill said...

A much snappier Santa outfit than mine -- I could never pull that off -- I'd look like an aging hipster.

Course, with that cutie on my lap, no one would ever even NOTICE me.