Wednesday, October 08, 2008

placenta brain

Since I have a lifetime of experience to draw on here --  I think I'd like to officially say that feeling pregnant isn't as bad as feeling hypo.  Both conditions have several things in common:
  • I'm not nearly as efficient as when I feel "normal".
  • I can sleep anytime, anywhere, with anything in the background.
  • Diet is restricted.
  • I can't remember words that I want to use, and I use the wrong word without realizing it.  (Yesterday's word was "feather".  Today's word was "wrench".  Any noun I couldn't place became a wrench.  Example:  (in the lunch line, pointing at the plastic cutlery - "I forgot my wrench.  Could you pass it to me?")
  • Constipation.
  • Weight gain.
  • Short mental fuse.  My tolerance for stupidity is greatly reduced.  (The difference between being hypo and pregnant here is that when I'm pregnant I have a little more energy - unfortunately, enough energy to verbalize my dissatisfaction with said stupidity.  This is why we couldn't watch the Presidential Debate very long last night.  I think The Hater was afraid I'd bust something while yelling back at the tv.)
  • "Hypo brain" and "placenta brain":  Both cause me to be sound stupid when in actuality I'm really an educated person who knows how to speak in complete sentences.
  • When people find out why you don't feel good, they look at you and say "awwhhhh".  (The difference is that when you're hypo, people give you a sad face when they say it, and when you're pregnant they give you a happy awwhhhh.  But it's the same exact sentiment.)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Both of these things help me to realize what a wonderful, supportive husband I have to take this roller coaster ride with me.  I am so very fortunate to have him.  He's all protein, no artificial sweetener.  
I'm a little bit excited that I was able to come up with 10 points, even sporting stupidbrain.  

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Arielle said...

Yay for Stupidbrain. I've been there. It won't get better, I can't give you false promises. When you have the newborn you will say, "Pass the nipple, or diaper" instead of wrench. I love going into other rooms to get something and forget what I went in there for. Good luck.