Sunday, August 31, 2008

our choice

The Hater and I declined genetic testing for the fetus.  We decided that the results, no matter what they may be, would not change our minds about going through the pregnancy.  For us, it wouldn't be right to abort, and it makes little sense to consent to a procedure that carries a 10-15% chance of losing the baby.

That was our choice.  Fundamentally, I'm certain that the choice could have gone no other way.  But again, that was our choice to make.

We don't pretend to know the complications of strangers' situations.  We're not going to judge them by our set of preconceptions of what is right.  But we do respect their autonomy to make choices for themselves.  That's why The Hater likes to say that we're "pro adoption" when painted into a pro choice vs pro life argument.  

Unfortunately, society twists lots of issues into unnecessary dichotomies.  


Cerulean Bill said...
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Cerulean Bill said...

Years ago, a coworker told me that he and his wife had tried for quite some time to conceive, without issue. Finally, she said "Look. You're an American. I'm an American. Let's do this the American way. Lets buy one."

So they adopted.

Mommavia said...

What an ass...