Wednesday, October 10, 2007

selfish girl

All the people with whom I work have been taking mini-vacations the last several weeks. Even The Hater had a few days off last week for mental health days.

I’m so jealous that I can hardly stand it.

I wish that I didn’t have to hoard my accrued time for sick days. I would like to be able to take a real vacation – one that doesn’t revolve around cancer treatments or mandated holiday/wedding/birthday visits.

If time and money were not issues, I’d go away for at least two weeks. I’ve not indulged this fantasy to the point of knowing where I would go or what I would do, but I am certain that it would be wonderful.

It’s nice to be able to close your eyes and imagine being somewhere else, but sometimes there’s no substitute for the real thing. For now it’s my only option, and I’ve taken several trips today.


Arielle said...

Vacation days and Medical Leave days are completely different. You should get both. You deserve it! :)

Mommavia said...

I hear ya! When I was teaching, the principal (pal, my ass!) gave all the teachers that had not used any of their sick leave a day off during the work days at the end of the year. Needless to say, I was alone for most of the day because my friends (healthy people my age!) had all gone to a beach house to swim, surf, and enjoy the sunshine.

The world is just not fair to us, it's just not fair (hanging head and sulking), if anything WE are the ones who need the breaks...all they did was go to work! We fought cancer! That is SO much harder!