Thursday, June 21, 2007

whistle while you work

It just dawned on me yesterday that Sister’s wedding is next week. I knew that it was soon, but I did not realize that we’d be leaving in 5 days…

There were things I wanted to do before the trip. Grandmothers are demanding pictures of the house (cluttered in boxes and plastic bubbles). We had taken the video camera and shot a couple of minutes each week we went to see the house – that way you could see it being built. I was going to edit it on the Mac and burn it to a DVD so that we could take that home, too, for the expected and mandated show and tell. I have work to do to get it finished in time.

The Hater gets back to town today. He’s been gone since Sunday morning. He is only going to be slightly impressed with the boxes I have unpacked since he’s been in Wichita. Mostly it feels like things are unpacked only to be located to a stack somewhere. Nevertheless, some stuff has been relocated and some boxes have been flattened. It’s slow, but there has been progress.

We’ve been in the house for a little over a week. Initially my main concern was locating scrubs, socks and underwear. I had pajamas and a tee shirt to wear around the house – my most basic bases were covered so that I didn’t have to go to work nekkid. Now the problem is that I’ve not been unpacking anything in the bedroom or closet… I know where my outfit and shoes are to take to wear to Sister’s wedding, but other than that, I have no idea where my clothes are located. We’ll definitely need to locate clothes before we journey home for the festivities.

In short, we have a boatload of work to do without much time to finish. We also have not begged anyone to feed the cat and water the grass while we’re gone. Not only have we not done we need to do, we’ve also not done what we’re going to have to do.

Someday we'll have our ducks in a row again. But for now please don't ask me where the ducks are packed. Ask the cat; she's more likely to know.


bill said...

GARAGE (n.) 1. A room with large doors used to store boxes and misc. materiel associated with the process of moving into/out of a house (see CHAOS) 2.A room with large doors used to store mowers, garden equipment, and associated paraphrenalia 3. (obs.) A room with large doors used to store cars (see DRIVEWAY)

Mommavia said...

I hear ya! I'll be in the midst of the box chaos in just a few days...and I can't wait for it! I am desperately missing my bed, dishes, sofa, and ability to cook. And my internet connection...not one "borrowed" from a neighbor!